Back Office
  • Added subcategory to the detailed sales report.
  • Added subcategory to the inventory value report.
  • Added upper/lower bound price to the purchase orders detail report.
  • Added cashier to the document journal report.
  • Added a default end time to the sales tax collected report.
  • Add "Include basket item" option to the market basket report.
  • Removed the default time filter from the inventory count products report.
  • Fixed collapsed dashboard widget when in some cases the widget would not uncollapse.
  • Fixed importing discounts with too many tags would not import.
Point of Sale
  • Added kit discount logic to the sales receipt.
  • Increased the timeout of the credit card abort button. It will now appear after 35 seconds rather than 20 seconds.
  • Fixed "Transaction Approved" message on the PAX terminals when in some cases the message would stay on the screen.