This article will teach you how to add call-out features to a KB article. These features are used to provide additional information that may be good to know but are not critical to complete a task. They can also indicate when a user is about to perform a task that may be dangerous to personal safety or equipment. Following the guidelines below will ensure we have a standardized method of indicating this information.


Types of Call-out Features:

  1. Info
    Use the "Info" feature to provide additional information on a given topic. This information is not important to complete the step, but may be useful to the user. Below are some examples.

    The card reader may restart once or twice during the update process. This is normal behavior and is expected.

    If you notice any error messages, please take a screen shot or photo of the error. If you can't take a picture, write down the whole message to include any numbers.

  2. Note
    Use the "Note" feature to provide a warning or caution to the user. This should be used to prevent the user from damaging equipment or injuring themselves or others

    WARNING! Making the wrong changes in this file can damage your computer and cause irreparable damage. Do not change anything unless you know what you are doing.

    CAUTION! It would be a good idea to save a backup of the database before making the following changes.

How to add a Call Out Feature

  1. Go to an empty line.
    • A Call Out feature can only be added on an empty line. No tabs or spaces are allowed either.
    • You can copy and paste the feature to an existing line if needed.
  2. On the left side of the page, click on the White circle icon that has the black "+" plus sign. (See below)
  3. Select the feature you want to use
  4. Type in the information you want in the bubble
  5. If needed, copy the whole message (to include the call out feature bubble) and paste it to where you want it.

Use caution when attempting to change the formatting of a Call Out feature. I've found the system will sometimes delete the message in the call out feature. For example, if you attempt to delete preceding the feature, it will also delete the call out feature itself. Also, you cannot paste text into a Call Out feature, you must type it out.