While migrating from one Point of Sale solution to another, it is important to keep in mind although on the surface both systems appear similar; under the surface, they are vastly different. Please note that the Magento to Cloud Retailer integration is no longer available to new customers. The information below is for existing users only.


Here is a list of limitations:
  1. Magento allows a product to exist in more than one department, category, and sub-category.
    Cloud Retailer only allows a product to exist in a single department, category, and sub-category.
    If we are unable to determine a one-to-one relationship between a product and a single department, category, and sub-category, then we are unable to maintain that relationship going forward.

    Although not impossible, it will take a considerable amount of time to manually create these relationships and is considered a premium service.

  2. Known Magento bugs also cause some limitations.