An EDI file, invoice, or product didn't import - what should I do?

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    The EDI integration runs on near autopilot and since it doesn't require a lot of involvement many users forget how to manage things when a problem occurs.  This document outlines some of the tools you have access to so you can find and correct import issues with your EDI files.


1)  Integration Process History report

This report gives you inside into a variety of automated and non-automated processes running in your store.  You can drill down into them to see what happened with a process and why.  Expand the "Supplier documents importing and processing", find the date(s) that you want to investigate.  Click on the "Show" link to see that detail for any process that ran.

2)  Review the process log

Once you've clicked on the show button review the log and look for the issue.  It may be helpful to use the "Find" feature in your browser to search if the process is long.  If the invoice number that is problematic contains the numbers 1131, as an example then search for it to find an entry relating to that.  

In the screenshot below you can see that an invoice containing that number has an issue.  Either that supplier doesn't exist in the system OR the code RS is not inputted in the vendor's record. - Yellow 

Additionally - you can see that several reorder numbers were not found.  Either the product doesn't exist, OR the reorder number is incorrect. - Green

3) Fix the issues

A) Supplier

Edit the Supplier and add any needed information in the Supplier Documents Settings.  As this is a Fintech Supplier, which is centralized, it only needs the File type and Vendor ID.  Non-Fintech suppliers will need all the fields populated.

B) Reorder number

If the Reorder number was not correct or missing, edit the product and look at the Supplier Details.  Be sure the right Reorder Number and Supplier is set.

4) Reprocess the document

Go into the supplier record of the supplier that sends the file.  You will find suppliers by going to Admin and searching for suppliers in the back office, then searching for the supplier in question in the suppliers section.  Scroll down until you see the windows below.  These are all the most recently imported documents.  
Click the gear icon as on the far right of the screen next to the document you wish to reprocess.  You can see the icon with the arrow pointing to it above.

You will get a message asking you to confirm you wish to complete this action.  Click OK to begin the process. 

Here is a video summarizing the above information:

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