Beginning in version 2.10.9 of Cloud Retailer, we have created the ability to have a 'Kit' type item. This article will cover the basics of creating a kit and walk you through some details of the process.

    Kits are designed to be used to represent a group of products that you normally sell individually as a group of items sold for a single price. In our example, we will create a Cocktail Mixing Kit containing a number of small bottles and a mixer. We will sell this kit at a slight discount compared to the retail prices of the individual items in question.


  1. Login to your CloudRetailer back office.
  2. Click Products > Add New Product.
  3. In the UPC field, double click the field to create a randomly generated code.
  4. Populate the Item Description, Department & Category, Sales Tax, and any other basic product data fields you wish to set.
  5. Check the box labeled 'IsKit' to make the Item a Kit item.
  6. Save the product.
  7. Click the 'Tag Along Products' button
  8. On the Tag-Along Product screen, click Add new entry.
  9. Search for the first kit item by typing the UPC or Description of a product.
  10. After selecting the item in Step 9, add the quantity for that item in the kit. 
  11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 for any other products which the kit will contain.
  12. Once you have added all the products you wish the kit to contain, click accept.
  13. Save the product again.

A note about costs and retail price

    When you create a kit, you set a list of products and their quantities. You will also set a kit price on the kit item. When you sell a kit at the POS, the system will weight each product in the kit versus the retail price. For example, if your kit costs $10 and you have 3 items with costs $1, $3, and $7 the system will divide $10 by $1, by $3, and by $7. The result of this is then multiplied by the kits price to factor the "real" retail cost of the kit line item for cost and profit margin calculations.  Normally, we do not list these constitute prices on the sales receipt, but if you need them to be listed please contact the RITE Support Team for more information.

Here is a video showing the above process: