This article will detail how to manage reporting with daylight savings time.  


You may notice that after there is a daylight savings change the the reports may show the incorrect times.

  1. Login to the back office.
  2. Click on "Admin".
  3. Search for and click on "View existing users".
  4. Click once on the user that is logged in and then click "Edit Selected Employee(s)".
  5. Scroll down to where you see "Time Zone" and verify if this is correct for the time zone you're currently in.
  6. If it is on the correct Time Zone already change it to another time zone and click "Save" otherwise proceed to step 8.
  7. Log out of the back office and then back in.
  8. Choose the correct "Time Zone" and click "Save".
  9. Log out of the back office and then back in.
  10. Navigate to the report that was showing the incorrect time previously and verify that the time is now correct.

Here is a video showing the above procedure: