To perform a time clock report for payroll purposes, go to Reports > Employee Time Clock.  The default punch out filter will be for the last 2 weeks' time but adjust as needed.  Each employee's time card entry should be listed for the period, by location, and the total number of hours should be summed for each employee.

A few interesting notes:
  • You can export the hours as a CSV or print to a PDF to send to your accountant.
  • The "Is Original" column signifies if the entry was updated in anyway - you can click on the punch in / out times to see a history of any adjustments that may have been made to a time clock entry.  An adjustment would be done, if an employee forgot to punch in and later did so, and you, or a manager adjusted their punch in time.
You could also run the "Employee Time Clock - Punched in Now" to see everyone currently punched in at the various stores.