PAX PX7 credit card terminal

There should only be 2 cables connected to the PAX PX7, power and network cables.

Connect the network cable to the RED LAN1 port.

Connect the power to the green power port. Please take note of the tab next to the power jack when pluggin in the power cable.

There is a tab on the power cable that is designed to lock the power cable in place. Please be aware of this when plugging it into the unit.

Rotate the tab down on the power cable to lock it in place and prevent accidental unplugging from the back of the unit.

The stylus has it's own plug in the side of the PX7.

To remove or replace the stylus, press down on the tab underneath the plug to release.

The power cable for the PX7 comes in a breakaway power brick.

If a reboot is needed, please do not pull the power from the back of the unit, instead unplug from the wall or from the power brick.