The following terminals are supported by Cloud Retailer / Electronic Payments for RMS.

Active Models

See the table below for details on if a terminal is supported with a given processor.


Is the terminal supported with this processor?
First DataAdditional Notes
PAX S300


PAX Aries 6
(not recommended)

⚠️ Network issues: Not recommended for use (billable support)

End of Life Models

  • PAX MT30 
  • PAX D200 
  • PAX D210 
  • PAX PX5 
  • PAX PX7
  • PAX S300 (Feb 1 2024)
  • PAX Aries 6 (Feb 1, 2024)

S300 and Aries 6 End of Life

PAX has made the decision to officially announce the End-of-Life of S300 and Aries6 products.  They will not not be fixing possible bugs after Feb 1, 2024. From a Card Defender support perspective. this means that:

1. It is hypothetically possible that an issue could arise on these devices that would render them unusable and RITE would be unable to support.

2. That we reserve the right to bill for attempted Card Defender support stemming from any issues with these devices kept in active service after this end of life, including diagnosing. 

3. RITE will officially not support these terminals at all after Feb 1, 2025. This date is subject to change based on PAX's direct support.  

From PAX:

FINAL ORDER DATE: With the release of this notice, no new orders for any S300, S80, SP20, SP30, and Aries6 part numbers can be placed. Current orders have or will be fulfilled as remaining inventory allows.  

END-OF-DEVELOPMENT DATE: There will be no new PAX-sponsored software development or application enhancements after the release of this notice. PAX will however continue to issue bug fixes for critical issues for 1 year, or until 01-February-2024. 

END-OF-SERVICE DATE: 2 years after the last ship date. 

Special Note:

Changing processors/merchant services can be expensive! Did you know that we offer multiple ways to reduce or eliminate both up front and on-going fees for changing processors/merchant services companies? You may qualify for some or all of the following:
  • No change fee (normally $390)
  • Waiving of ongoing monthly fees (normally $15 a month per terminal)
  • Free payment terminals with lifetime warranties (normally $490/terminal)
  • 4 free hours of premium support services every 90 days (normally $672)
  • 95% reduction in the fees that your are currently paying for credit card processing/merchant services (Look at your last statement - if you paid $2000 in credit card processing/merchant services fees last month, then your next statement could only be $100)

Contact our team at sales@cloudretailer.com or 888-267-7483 to see if you qualify or visit https://www.cloudretailer.com/dualprice-pos/ to learn more and self schedule time to chat with us