Heartland Portico VARs Require 5 items:

  1. License ID
  2. Site ID
  3. Device ID
  4. User Name
  5. Password


Generic TSYS VAR:

  • Need a unique V Number (called a TID, or Terminal ID number by other processors)
  • Need a unique terminal number for each terminal per location (usually 0001,  0002, 0003 etc) 
  • Merchant ID number

First Data 

To build the file:

  • First Data Nashville gateway using Rapid Connect

  • Equipment type must be PAXBROADPOSPAY1.0SMSDWRC

  • The merchant file needs to be ported directly for Rapid Connect

  • Merchant detail overflow needs to be enabled for EMV

  • The Datawire file needs to be set for Datawire SRS: Self-Registration

VARs need:

  • MID (merchant ID)  and alternate MID if they are different 

  • Unique TID For each terminal

  • groupID if other than 10001


We need:

  • the info in the highlighted boxes in the screenshot below

  • a unique terminal number per terminal

  • unique mac address per  terminal