You have one or more Cloud Retailer POS Computers.  This could be a brand new one that you got from us or an existing computer that meets our specifications for Cloud Retailer.  You want to keep it running without issue.  Here are some things that will help keep it running smoothly.


  1. Be sure it can breathe.  If you have a computer in a closed-in space with little airflow, the computer can overheat and shut down.  Be sure it has open space around the vents and no objects are blocking those vents.
  2. Close the Cloud Retailer POS program at the end of the day.  The main reason to do this is every time the Cloud Retailer POS starts up, it looks to see if it can connect to the receipt printer, the cash drawer, and the credit card terminal.  So, if the cashier has to start the POS program, it will let them know if there is a problem connecting to any of them.  It is much easier to work on fixing a problem with one of the devices before the store opens than when they are trying to ring up a sale for a customer.
  3. Reboot it weekly.  POS computers were not designed to run for long periods without a break.  A reboot also will cause any pending Windows Updates to to be installed.  Because some of these updates can take a while, it is better to do the reboot at the end of the day on Saturday or Sunday (If you are open on Sunday) so that the computer is done with any updates on Monday morning.