This article will cover tips at the POS.  To enable tips please follow the procedure below.  


  1. Create a new tender type called Tip (or something similar) in the back office - it must have a tender type of "Tip"
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Admin Catalog -> Global Entity Settings -> Electronic Payments and make sure "Ask for tips during payment?" is checked.
  3. If you want the payment terminal to prompt the customer to enter a tip at the time of payment you must enable tips in BroadPOS.
    1. On the EDC tab, you need to enable "Tip" under the "Others" section
    2. On the Tip tab of BroadPOS, you will configure how the prompts will work.
    3. Base on the Amount Threshold, Tip will prompt using the Amount option or Percentage option.

If you do not want the payment terminal to prompt for tips leave it disabled.

If you instead want the cashier to enter the tip amount after the fact then have the user go to the past transaction screen and hit the "Adjust Tip" button in the lower-left corner of the past receipts screen.

You can only adjust tips for transactions in the current and open credit card batch.  Once credit cards are settled the adjust function is no longer allowed.  Also, some credit card processors do not allow it.  If you get a "UNSUPPORT TRANS" error this typically means that your card processor does not have tips enabled for your account.  If you contact them and have them enable it the error should go away.

Here is a video covering the first 2 parts of the procedure. The remaining part needs to be completed by someone with access to you payment terminal settings and merchant account: