This article will detail the process to create a new product.  


  1. Navigate to the products catalog.  On the left-hand side, Products -> Catalog
  2. Click on Create New Product.
  3. You should fill out the following information when creating a new product:
    1. UPC
    2. Description
    3. Size
    4. Type
    5. Department
    6. Retail Price
    7. Is Active - Is this product an active product?  These items are still available at the POS if they are available at the location.
    8. Product is available at this location - Is this product available at each location?  If this is unchecked but the item is still active, it will not be available at the POS
  4. Once completed, we can choose to either Save the product, Save and exit the tab, Save and open a new product, or Save and duplicate this product.


Here is a video showing the above procedure: