Star Printer Issues after Windows Updates

Modified on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 at 01:49 PM


It is possible that the windows update might cause issues with the Star printer. If you are unable to run a successful OPOS test from Star Printer Config, please follow the below step to resolve the issue.


  1. Go to Control Panel > Device and Printer and right-click on the Star Printer and then delete it.
  2. Have the customer unplug/plug back in the USB cable that is connected from the Star printer to the computer, it should re-create the printer entry with all the OPOS settings that were already configured before.
  3. Go to printer setting as admin and then do the test for printer and cash drawer without making any change. If the test is successful, then you can run a test transaction on the Cloud Retailer and make sure the drawer pops open and the receipt prints.
  4. If the OPOS test for printer/drawer is unsuccessful, you might need to delete the printer entry again and then have the customer power cycle the printer and & reboot the PC and it should resolve the issue. If not, try step 5.
  5. Go into Control Panel>Devices and Printers>right-click on the printer>click Troubleshoot. Run the troubleshoot utility, but do not set the Star printer as the default.

Note: Also make sure to match the printer/drawer logical name on the OPOS settings and Back Office Register settings.

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