There are several things to check if your receipt printer and cash drawer are not working.  The links at the bottom of this article are to images of two common receipt printers.  Others made by the same manufacturer look similar and have the same basic cables.


  1. Is the printer on?  Look for the power light.  If it is off, check the on/off switch and then the power.
  2. Does the printer have paper?  Is it loaded correctly?
  3. Check the cables in the back.  There should be three cables.  One for the power, one that connects to the POS computer, and one that connects to the cash drawer (The end looks like a phone or network cable end).  The links below have images of the cables connected to the printers.

TIP! For versions of Windows 7 (or higher), both the OPOS drivers and the POS you use should be installed while UAC is enabled in order to avoid odd permission issues.