The Cloud Retailer POS will not know about some changes until you Sync the POS and then exit out of the POS program and re-open it.  This can include things such as new Discounts, changes to your Loyalty program, changes to receipt templates, and tax changes.  Basically, if you made a change and want to be absolutely sure that it is in the POS, do a sync and restart the POS.  Changes to a product (price, name, etc) do not require this.


  1. To force a sync, click on the "Last Sync" in the upper-right-hand are of the Cloud Retailer POS.  
  2. Click on the "Request Sync" button in the lower-left-hand area of the pop-up.  
  3.  Click on the Close button when the Sync is finished.  Then, exit out of the POS and Re-Open it.

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes

Here is a video showing the above procedure: