RITE offers additional Cloud Retailer online training at no additional cost to new and existing customers! Our Community Training includes both weekly POS and Back Office training sessions, as well as an "Open Office Hours" training every other week. Our "Open Office Hours" are a Q&A format.

These trainings are held in a Google Meet web chat and are open to the Cloud Retailer public. 

There are also specific topics such as popular integrations covered on a monthly basis, as well as special sessions - so be sure to check back from time to time!

Schedule of Events

Use the arrow buttons on the calendar below to see the available training dates. Clicking the event will give you access to more information and the Google Meet link that we use for training! ⚠ Note that times listed are in Central Time (CST).

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early as the event will begin at the precise starting time. No worries - there's always another session next week!  If there are no attendees 5 minutes after the event is scheduled to start, the session will be closed. If you clicked the Google Meet link and are unable to join, please contact our support at 320-230-2282 before the scheduled session begins.

YouTube Training Playlists

Cloud Retailer Community Training Sessions

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