If you'd like to change the logo that appears on the customer-facing display at the POS follow these steps:


  1. Upload your logo.  To do this go to the back office > Admin > Global attachments.  Click "Add new attachment", then save the page.
  2. Set the system to use the logo.  Go to Admin > Admin Catalog > Global Entity Settings (requires superuser access, provided only to CR level3 resellers and employees) > Customer display > choose your logo from the drop-down menu.
  3. Exit out of POS and reopen.  Make sure enough time has elapsed for a sync to occur.

You can also change the size or eliminate the logo in version 2.28 or higher by modifying the Footer scale percent in Admin > Devices / register list > find your POS station in the list > modify the setting in the "Customer Display Configuration"

Here is a video showing the above procedure:

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes