Create/ Add New Gift Cards With Specific Numbers

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    You may be wondering if there is a way that you can add new gift cards to your system. If you're ordering your own gift cards you will want to verify that you're not ordering cards that will have duplicate card numbers. 

NOTE: this is requires some familiarity with Microsoft Excel and importing files. If you are not familiar or are uncomfortable doing this "on your own", please contact our support team at or 888-267-7483 for assistance. Please note that this is billable (paid) support.


Verify gift card numbers:
To find out what the card number you currently have follow the instructions in this article here.

Add gift cards:
It is always a good idea to verify that you're not attempting to import duplicate card numbers. The import will give you an error on any that are not able to be imported you can also get more details about any error that may occur by going to the "Integration Process Status" and look for "GiftCard Import Process".  To access the Integration process status login to the back office click on "Tools" > "Integration Process Status" > Select "Show" for the process you attempted to run (it should be the most recent but verify the date and time). Errors on this page will appear in red text.
NOTE: If you can not access the Integration Process Status page you may not have permissions to access it. Please reach out to a manager or supervisor for your company

Note that you can continue with the steps outlined below once you have confirmed that you are not creating duplicate gift card numbers (or if you track gift card numbers on a separate document, then you can skip the above information)
  1. Download the csv template file from below. (under "resources" at the bottom of this page)
  2. Open the csv file and replace the data in row 2 with the actual data you will be using.
  3. Do NOT remove anything from row 1 (Code, Balance, or OriginStore). This is needed so the system knows how to enter the data.
  4. Here is a reference to what each of the columns means.
    1. Code = Gift card number.
    2. Balance = Dollar amount the card will start with typically "0".
    3. OriginStore = The location they cards will start at or originally be sold from. 
      1. You can find the location name by clicking on "Admin" in the back office.
      2. Search for "Locations".
      3. Click on "Locations". 
      4. Use the name exactly as it appears.
  5. Once you have all of the data in the csv file save the file and make sure to keep the csv format.
  6. Login to the Back office.
  7. Click on "Tools" on the left side.
  8. Click on "Import Tools".
  9. Click on the blue words "Gift Card".
  10. Navigate to where you have the csv file saved and drag that file back to the web browser to where it says "Drop files here to upload"
  11. Click the orange "Import" button.
  12. Click the blue "Run" button.
  13. Once the progress bar reaches 100% you will have imported the new cards successfully as long as there are no errors.
    NOTE: Errors will be in red text.

Here is a video showing the process for downloading the sample file and importing in to Cloud Retailer:

Brief overview of the gift card integration process mentioned above:


Sample File in Text Format. You can also access this sample file by logging in to Cloud Retailer back office, going to "tools", "import tools", "gift cards", and then "click here for a sample import file for reference"

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