It seems we've had a few more instances recently of Internet providers locking down DNS entries and causing problems for Card Defender terminals.  As this is technically a network-related issue, it does not fall within the free support but ends up having to be a change we have to make anyway in BroadPOS.


In order to expedite finding out if there is a DNS issue, let's make checking the DNS servers of the terminals one of the first things to troubleshoot if a terminal cannot process cards, but the customer otherwise has internet.  We should be able to use POS Link to quickly change the DNS of the terminal to that of the computer and see if processing resumes.  If it does, its a DNS / network issue and we can help the customer with a change to BroadPOS for 15 minutes of billable time.  If it does not fix the issue, then its still on us to troubleshooting the issue until we can determine where the cause lies.

If we are still not finding a root cause at 45 - 60 minutes you should be checking with your manager per