This article lays out which processing platforms/partners we support and/or are certified with.


  • North American Bancard (NAB)
  • TSYS
  • Heartland Payment Systems
  • Vantiv / Worldpay (coming soon)
  • First Data - Rapid Connect / Nashville

Click here for a full list of Supported Payment Processors/Merchant Services Companies and Supported Payment Terminals

NOTE: We DO NOT allow mixing of “front ends” and “back ends” – for example: using TSYS as a payment processing front end for Worldpay. This is not supported and has been known to create issues for the retailer.

If you are changing your processor

Important Note: In some cases, the costs to switch from one payment processor/merchant services company may well exceed any potential cost saving. Be sure to add up the programming change cost, potential increased monthly costs from RITE, and payment terminal hardware costs before signing any paperwork. In a typical 2 checkout lane store, these costs could easily total upwards of $1140. Key question: will the new processor or merchant services company save you more than $1140 in the first 3-6 months?

There is some technical work we will have to schedule with you for your Card Defender credit card integration to switch your processing - what we refer to as a "VAR change". To get started, work with your new processor to complete this form and one of our team will work with you to schedule: