This article will walk you through how to prepare and import a file into a Cloud Retailer Inventory Count.


Creating the File

  1. The file can be in either a comma or tab delimited format (CSV or TSV)
  2. The file must contain the following columns (other columns will be ignored)
    • ProductCode - The barcode or UPC on the product
    • Quantity - The quantity of product counted
    • EntryDate - This should be the date the count was finalized (same for all record in the file)

Importing the File

  1. Follow the steps for Joining an Open Inventory Count in Cloud Retailer
  2. On the Shared Inventory Count page:
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
    2. Click the section that say Drop file here to upload
    3. Use the Open dialog to browse for the file you wish to upload
    4. Press the Open button
    5. When Import button is visible, click it
NOTE: Import files are processed 500 lines at a time, if there are any errors within that batch a notification will be displayed.

Key Notes & Differences

Though many aspects are the same, there are some key notes and differences to observe when importing values into an Inventory Count

  • The counting process should be performed outside of normal operations.  This is due to the count being performed outside of Cloud Retailer, it no longer has the ability to track the movement of Products in relations to the counted values.
    • The file can actually be processed at any time, but the physical counting needs to be done when there is no  external movement
  • Building an import file and importing is far more error prone than using the built-in tools
  • You may wish to build your import file by exporting a report like the Products Grid, filtered to what you wish to count


Here is a video showing how to import the file in to Cloud Retailer: