This document tells you what to have ready for your Groundwork Appointment, along with how to get the most out of your Cloud Retailer Community Deployment.

What is the “Groundwork”?

  • Groundwork is installing and setting up a POS  lane for Cloud Retailer.


  • A bottle of Fireball to test scanners.

    • A 200ml is set up inside the training system and is the perfect product to have handy for scanning on the training POS.

  • Internet access on all of your POS stations - so we can log in.

  • Make sure your IT guy/gal is available if we need them. Usually not needed but just in case!

    • More important with city municipal liquor stores / places with strict security rules or firewall settings. 

  • Access to one POS station for training and testing

    • Our Tech Team will investigate your current and new hardware, and work with you to select and install Cloud Retailer on the best fit for training purposes. For example, we may be installing Cloud Retailer alongside your current POS if you have an extra scanner, or setting up one of your new computers if you bought any and have all the needed peripherals for a complete lane (scanner, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer).  We investigate your current set up to make sure we understand your POS peripherals, do a test configuration AND we'll also want you to use this device to train yourself and your cashiers.

  • If you're setting up new hardware you purchased from us, this video can help show you what to plug in where.


  • You will get out of this process what you put in.  Time is at a premium with current labor shortages.  Your POS system is really important.  Your best-selling product does not have the level of influence your computer system does.  It’s critically important to get right.  Help us help you. No project can be a success if you don't take the time to learn.  Taking care of this now will create more time for you in the future.

  • An open mind.  Your new POS will have a lot of benefits but it will also be different and have some perceived shortcomings compared to whatever you’re using today.  Be flexible and don’t get hung up on the small stuff.  If the benefits outnumber the downsides 10X, then it’s worth a few sacrifices.  Bring the ability to keep truckin’ through a less than optimal spot during this process.

  • Realize that we are working with a group of stores.  We deploy in groups, a community of liquor stores training simultaneously, and the needs of the group have to be balanced above the individuals. 

    • Be kind and professional at all times. Follow the RITE Code of Conduct.

    • There are big benefits for both you and us in doing this in groups.  You get more training and more feedback than would be possible in a 1:1 setting.

  • You have an amazing opportunity to help each other.  The times when your biggest competitor was the other independent liquor store down the street are over.  Your biggest concerns should be people like Total Wine, Amazon, Costco or the threat of regulatory changes.  Even if that is not your situation today, it’s coming.  Now is the time to start learning from and helping each other.  You could learn a lot from one another and all end up making more money as a result.

  • Focus on the next two weeks.  As we take this journey together, focus on the first two weeks that you will be using the system in your store.  When it comes to the training we do and you do for your own team.  When it comes to the questions you raise with our team.  By focusing on this tight window it makes prioritizing the important above everything else and will make this process smoother for you.  There will be time after go-live to address everything else.


Have a quiet area where you are doing the training.  Make sure you will not be distracted.  This is CRITICAL.

  • Access to the training systems

    • Your back office instance website link, username, and password will be in your “Cloud Retailer Deployment Package” email

    •  The initial training video will demonstrate how to create your own user.

    • Realize that this is a SHARED system.  Everyone in the Community Deployment will be using this.  Each customer has a different POS Station in the system.  Please avoid editing other people’s users or data.  Absolutely no vulgarity is allowed.  You will be kicked from the training.

  • What if I have questions?

    • Forums - this is where your fellow stores go to interact and ask questions.  Our team is standing by to help.  Answers from our team typically occur in 24 hours.

    • Q&A - at the end of each training session there will be a Q&A for you to ask questions and get answers.

    • Email - These will be logged in our ticketing system and our team will respond.  If the topic is something that could benefit all members of the Community Deployment, we may convert this to a forum post. Email: support@rite.us

  • Why can’t I call anytime I want?

    • For the same reason you don’t have your doctor’s cell phone.  Very few people have the means, and more importantly, the need, for wide-open access to highly competent people.  We both benefit from having a well-structured and mutually beneficial relationship that keeps costs in check.

    • This well-structured relationship allows us to offer more value to you for less money and execute your project faster than we otherwise could.  We used to provide 3 hours of training, as an example, but now give 5+ hours since we’re able to train multiple people at once.  Everyone wins!

    • Emergency support is quite different.  We have staff ready and waiting to pick up the phone 24-7-365 if you are dealing with a situation that prevents you from checking out one of your customers!

    • For those that do have the desire to have dedicated support techs, we offer silver and gold support packages.  We also offer white-glove implementation for those who would rather have 1:1 deployments (starting at $8,200)

  • Cloud Retailer Help Desk: Here you will find our ever-increasing library of knowledge base articles and other self-help materials: https://helpdesk.cloudretailer.com/