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The count has been created, and you're prepared, now use the screens that have been optimized to quickly scan or key in Products and for multiple simultaneous users.

For a full understanding of our Inventory Counting system please see Overview of Inventory Counting in Cloud Retailer. 

NOTE: Versions prior to 4.6 of Cloud Retailer, the Complete Audit (Entire store / Customr filter) options were referred to as "All products" and "Use a filter" respectively.  For earlier documentation see here.



  1. Open your Cloud Retailer Back Office software.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Inventory Counting from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Complete Audit Inventory Count for which you wish to update count values.
  4. Press the Edit Selected Inventory Count button.  This will open the Inventory Count Properties window.
  5. Click the Start/Continue Counting Products button. This will open the Inventory Count Product Scan window.
  6. Scan a barcode or start typing into the Product field
  7. Enter the amount counted in the Qty field
  8. Click the Add (+) button (or press the Enter key on the keyboard)
  9. Repeat for each Product (or section of Products) you wish to count
  10. Close the Complete Audit Product Scan window whenever counting is complete.

NOTE: When scanning the same product multiple times, Cloud Retailer will combine the totals, though you will still be able to see the count history.  Values are updated in real-time to the Back Office with no need to save.

Next Steps

When you've updated all the Products listed in your Inventory Count, see Walkthrough - Reviewing and reconciling an Inventory Count to validate nothing slipped through the cracks!


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