Cloud Retailer offers a LITE version of it's mobile app.  It contains limited functionality relative to the paid version but is free / included with your Cloud Retailer base application.

STEP 1)  Search for Cloud Retailer on the various app stores or click the links below.  Download the application to your phone.

STEP 2)  Fill out the request for information on the mobile device.  We will send you a QR code that contains your license key within two business days.

Part of our process will be to verify that you are using the latest version of Cloud Retailer back office.  If not, we will need to apply updates to your system before you can use the mobile app.

The minimum version of Cloud Retailer required to use our mobile app 2.16.68.  You can view the version you are on by logging into the back office and scrolling down to the bottom center of the page. 

Due to COVID and the labor shortage, many retailers have been upgrading their POS and implementing new technologies in order to increase efficiency.  Updates take 2 weeks to test, schedule, and apply.  This service is done free of charge.

Once you have your license key

STEP 3)  Open the application again.  This time there's no need to fill out the form.  Instead, hit the camera button, then scan the QR code provided.

STEP 4)  The application will begin to synchronize.   This process may take between 2 minutes and 15 minutes depending on the size of your product list and other data elements.  

Allow it to finish before doing anything else with your phone.  If you switch to another application it will halt the process.

STEP 5)  Once completed hit "Continue" and begin using the app.  You'll be prompted to login and then be seeing the main screen of the app.

Use your standard Cloud Retailer username and password to log into the mobile app.  Once logged in you'll see all of the main features of the app:


If you see something other than the screens above - completely close out of the app on your phone and reopen from scratch.


Here are the tasks you can perform with the Cloud Retailer Mobile LITE app;

1.  Easily and quickly take pictures of products.  Our AI will clean the image up and make it ready for use on with our integrated e-commerce.

2.  View quick and simple sales data.  Sales today versus last year on the same day comparisons, sales by department compared to last year, etc. 

3.  Create "pick lists".  These are often used to scanning product on the floor that needs to be picked in the back room to restock.

4.  Scan products to view their sales history.

5.  Scan drivers licenses to perform age verification.

Let us know what you think!  The ability to provide feedback is embedded in the app.  Thank you for your business - we hope this tool is valuable!


RITE Internal SOP: https://helpdesk.rite.us/a/solutions/articles/67000680349?portalId=67000083022