There are times you may end up with multiple customer accounts. You can easily merge the accounts from the Customers page.


Merging a customer will combine the following;
  • Customer payments
  • Customer addresses
  • Customer notes
  • No-sale transactions
  • Sale transactions
  • Loyalty memberships
  • Orders
  • Rent history
  • Time clock entries
Follow these steps to merge customer accounts:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Customers
  2. Search for the customer you want to merge
  3. Select BOTH customers and click the [Merge] button.

  4. Select the primary account you want the second account to be merged into.
    Example: If I want the account number CA004000001 to be Bob Barkers only account. I would then select CA004000001.

  5. If you want to preview the changes beforehand, keep the DryRun checkbox checked then click the [Merge] button.
    To make the changes permanent, uncheck DryRun and click the [Merge] button.


Q: What is DryRun?
A: This allows you to preview the customer merge. To make the changes permanent, uncheck DryRyn.

Q: How do I merge three or more accounts?
A: Repeate steps 1 through 4 until only one account remains.

Applies to: Cloud Retailer version 1.16.12 or higher

Here is a video highlighting the above information: