You can require your users to populate certain fields with data when creating new customer accounts with Cloud Retailer.  To do this you need to enter the back office > go to the Admin tab, and go to "Lists".  Once there you need to create a new list with the name CustomerRequiredFieldsList and the scope needs to be set to "List".  Add customer attributes to the list that you want to require like Address1, etc.


Here's an example where we're requiring an account number, a first name, and a last name:


You can do the same thing with rentals but you can require more fields.  If someone is buying/renting a keg of beer, for example, you may want to require a drivers license number, their address, and phone number.  Setting this up works the same way except you need to set the scope to RentRegistrationExpectedCustomerFields

Video Resources:

Overview of the above steps:

Various Field Names to use when setting up required customer fields: