This article will detail how to use 2fa (two-factor authentication) in Cloud Retailer.  


  1. You can set up two-factor authentication for users in Cloud Retailer. This will only affect logging into the back-office portion of Cloud Retailer, and not the POS.
    To Enable two-factor authentication in Cloud Retailer for a user, first, be sure the user has Google Authenticator installed on their smartphone.
  2. In the back-office manager of Cloud Retailer, go to Admin > View existing users
  3. Double-click on the user you want to modify

    Underneath the password area is the OTP. Double-click in the entry area. That will generate the code. Save the user. 
You will see a small image to the right of the OTP code. 
Click on it and you will get a pop-up that has a QR Code image and a Manual Setup Code.

In the Google Authenticator, click on the option to add a new code. This might already be up if it was just installed on the phone. Click the "Scan a barcode" option to take a picture of the QR Code image to add it to the phone. If that does not work use the "Enter a provided key" option and manually type in the code as shown underneath the QR Code.
The next time the user logs in, they will get this prompt.

They will need to open the Google Authenticator on the phone and type in the password in order to enter the back office.

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