Back-Office Menu Gone 

There are times when you may want to customize your computer display's resolution or your web browser's scale, oftentimes making it bigger so that it is easier to read. 

After adjusting their display settings, some users that may be surprised and think their navigation menu has disappeared. It's still there, it's just been "collapsed" - you just need to expand the options. This is an intended feature, and it's because Cloud Retailer's Back-office interface will also adapt to your monitor's scale making sure you get to see the important functions on your screen without totally losing or misplacing them! 

You can simply click on the button circled below to expand those menu choices.

Imagine if your Back-office didn't adapt to your monitor or browser's display scale.  Here's what could happen...

Pretty crowded! So you can see that collapsing the menu is useful, especially for small displays!

If you want to bring back your Back-office menu, here is what you can do:

Option 1: Set your monitor's display scale to default.

If your menu shows back on your screen, then you're golden! Otherwise, please proceed to the next option.

Option 2: Set your browser's display scale to default.

Average Time to Complete

5 minutes