Cloud Retailer's loyalty module is vast.  This document attempts to outline some of the things it is and is not capable of.


What it CAN do:
  • Reward customers with points based on purchases.  You can give greater rewards for specific products or product groups.
  • Can require customers to pay a membership fee to be a part of a loyalty program.  The membership can expire.
  • Can give special discounts to members.
  • Have multiple loyalty levels.
  • Multiple customers can share one membership.
  • Can give discounts or free products as rewards.
  • Generate reporting about customers and their purchase history.  You could, for example, generate a list of emails for everyone in a specific club that has spent more than $X in the last 3 months.  Or all customers that bought a certain product or type of product during a period.  This can be exported to mass email programs like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.
  • We can prevent loyalty from accumulating on specific payment types.
  • Can print out loyalty reward coupons on receipts.  For example; have a barcoded coupon for $10 off your next purchase.  This coupon could be emailed as well and can expire.  If you have 2D scanners you should be able to scan the coupon off someone's phone (via their email).
  • Can setup rewards to auto-redeem or require that a cashier redeem a reward.  Two real examples:
    • The customer decides if they want to use their super 25% off coupon reward for 1,000 points on this purchase OR their next.  The cashier sees these options during the sale.
    • When a customer reaches 200 points automatically redeem their $10 off reward coupon - print it on the receipt
  • Customers can earn an anniversary reward on their birthday, the day they joined your loyalty program or the day of their last visit.  These rewards are only available on the anniversary day of the configured event.
  • Earn and Redeem rules can be configured for specific time ranges.  For example:
    • Loyalty members will earn double points on a specific day of the week.
    • Loyalty members will receive an exclusive reward for an entire month or weekend.
What it CANNOT do:
  • It does not text message customers.
  • It does not send out mass emails to customers.
  • Loyalty currently needs to be enabled at all locations.  If you use it at one store it will become operational at all stores.
  • It currently does not automatically email customers after they have been inactive for a certain period of time. However, this is possible with additional configuration and setup time.
Cloud Retailer includes this functionality and more, out of the box.  However, there is some configuration and training required before you'll be able to competently use the functionality.  

If CR loyalty doesn't contain the functionality, you're looking for it's possible to integrate it to 3rd party applications.  Cloud Retailer contains numerous import and export APIs to move data between systems.

Contact the team to learn more.