A loyalty program is something you can use to retain customers and keep them coming back to your stores.  The basis of a loyalty program are "points" that can be earned by buying things or other actions, and rewards, which use those points to achieve a benefit for the customer.  A loyalty program has a few elements:


1)  Earn Rules - these are the rules that define how points are accumulated by a customer.
2)  Redeem Rules - the rules that define what the rewards are and how many points are required to redeem them.
3)  Loyalty Rule Parameters - How customers can earn and redeem points.

Please watch the below video for setting up a basic loyalty program.

When creating a New Card for the customer, make sure that the card number starts with LC and be 9 digits long. Example: LC123456789.
You can see the card number requirements under Entity Settings as a RegEx expression. 

You can see more information about regex expression here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression


Loyalty Memberships - this is a list of all the customers in a loyalty club.  If a customer is in more than one club or has more than one card associated with a membership there may be more than one row per customer on this list.

Earn rules and redeem rules have some additional parameters for further fine tuning.  These include the ability to exclude discounted products from counting towards collection or redemption, the ability to exclude products matched on other parameters, and the ability to set the price source for collection and redemption.